Microsoft Your Phone App Now Available To Mirror Android Content On Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft has been talking up the Your Phone app as a way to easily get content from your smartphone to your PC. In May we first talked about Your Phone, which is a Windows Universal Platform App that promises to allow users to access text messages, photos, and notifications from your smartphone on your PC. Your Phone landed for Windows Insiders early this month in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17728.

Windows 10 yourphone

Now, however, it appears that many many people that are not part of the Insiders program were able to download the app for Android devices and get it to work without having to run an Insider Preview of Windows 10 on their computers.

yourphone fire

The My Phone app has been available on the Microsoft Store (here) for download by Insiders, but it now seems to work for all. Android users with the app running on their device can wirelessly share their most recent 25 Android phone photos to their Windows PC without having to resort to emailing the images to themselves. That is a time saver for folks who like to edit or post pictures from a PC rather than directly on their smartphone.

iPhone users get less functionality and are unable to share photos directly. What iPhone users can do is share web pages being browsed on the phone to their computer to partake on a larger screen. The reason that the iOS version has significantly less functionality is laid at the feet of Apple and its notoriously tight control over iOS and the iPhone. However, the iOS version of the Your Phone app isn’t working for anyone not on a Windows Insider preview build according to reports. 

Even for Android users, the functionality of Your Phone is relatively lean right now, but Microsoft promises to expand the functionality of the app over time to the point where you can use it to make calls and send/receive text messages.