Windows 10 Hits Stride With 67 Million Installs And Counting

Microsoft's strategy to offer Windows 10 as a no-cost upgrade option to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users is paying off. Just one day after launch, the Redmond outfit announced that Windows 10 had found its way onto more than 14 million devices. By Friday morning, that number unofficially ballooned to 67 million devices.

An anonymous Microsoft employee revealed the updated statistic to Windows Central. According to the employee, the 67 million figure was accurate as of 8 AM on Friday, meaning that 53 million more Windows 10 installs took place since Microsoft's announcement on Thursday.

Windows 10

This is a sign that the phased upgraded plan is going smoothly. In addition to revealing 67 million Windows 10 installs, the Microsoft employee also said that Microsoft's bandwidth peaked at 15Tb/s, nearly doubling the previous record of 8Tb/s set by Apple during its last Mac OS launch. Not to worry though, Microsoft is said to have reserved up to 40Tb/s through multiple third-party CDNs.

Just as important as the number of installs is the response to Windows 10. Microsoft claims the feedback so far has been "overwhelmingly positive," and indeed many of the reviews that are out there have far more praise than criticism.

This type of excitement didn't exist with Windows 8 and many chose to stick with either Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Microsoft can breathe a sigh of relief that things are different with Windows 10, though only a quick one -- the challenge now is tapping into Windows 10's potential as Microsoft sets its sights on one billion installs by the end of 2018.