Why Samsung Might End Up Canceling Its Galaxy Fan Edition Phones

Samsung Galaxy FE phones
Samsung may be abandoning its Fan Edition (FE) Galaxy smartphones this year, and possibly for good. The "flagship" version gave consumers a more affordable option to the company's popular Galaxy family of smartphones.

The chip shortage hit tech companies hard over the last couple of years, and had Samsung debating on launching the Galaxy S21 FE at all last year. The company made the decision to go ahead with the release just a month before its next generation S22 was launched, putting the S21 FE in a very precarious position. Now sources for SamMobile are suggesting the tech company may be shelving its Fan Edition this year, and possibly for good.

Even though the S21 FE launched so close to the S22, it provided consumers with a very nice option. Its 6.4-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, reliable cameras, and good battery life gave fans of the Galaxy device a more affordable option to its more expensive siblings. However, with the next generation launching a mere month later, some people were hesitant to part with their hard earned money to purchase one.

Samsung Galaxy FE phones
There is currently no internal model number for an S22 FE either. The fact that by this time last year the S21 FE had a model number and leaked renders adds to the validity of the claims that the company may be ditching the FE this year. Although, it is possible the phone is simply delayed again this year.

A possibility for Samsung not moving forward with another FE model could be that it is trying to save its resources for the other models in the line-up. The company already made the move to combine the Ultra with the popular line of Note devices, and has added the Z Flip and Z Fold to its family of Galaxy smartphones. With five Galaxy devices already being worked on, a sixth may just be too much with the chip shortage still affecting the industry.

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Top Image Credit: Samsung Mobile