How Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4 Could Actually Rival Apple's iPad Pro

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As foldable phones continue to evolve, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is seemingly becoming more of an iPad challenger. New leaks are pointing to a potential 1TB Fold 4 variant, giving it more than enough storage to go with its power.

Even though it is still months before Samsung will unveil its next generation Galaxy Z Fold 4, leaks are giving us a better picture of what could be expected from the upcoming foldable phone. As more and more phones are launching without a micro-SD card slot, the need for the more powerful devices to come with more internal storage is essential. With that in mind, Sammobile is saying that it has learned there will be a 1TB variant of Samsung's next generation flagship foldable phone.

The current model Galaxy Z Fold 3 is offered in a 256GB and 512GB option, and does not offer a micro-SD card slot. Therefore, its successor will more than likely not have one either. By offering a 1TB variant with the Fold 4, Samsung could potentially garner more buyers who might have avoided the foldable phone otherwise.

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Samsung is not against adding more storage to its mobile devices. The S22 Ultra actually has a 1TB variant already. So, the thought that the company would add that option for its upcoming Z Fold 4 phone is not a surprise. In a day and age where smartphones are packing more powerful cameras, and are capable of running more advanced apps, it is pretty much a necessity at this point to give users the option for more internal storage.

But Samsung's foldable phone is not just a smartphone in the eyes of many. It is also a small form factor tablet as well. When unfolded, the main display will be 7.6 inches across, which is only slightly smaller than an iPad Mini (2021). Couple that with a burly Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip (most likely), compatibility with the S Pen stylus, and possibly other popular tablet features, and the Fold 4 begins to creep into iPad rival territory.

It is highly unlikely that Samsung will sway many Apple fans to switch over to Android and leave their iPads behind with this generation of the Galaxy Z Fold. However, Samsung is creating an opportunity with its powerful foldable phones to start changing a few minds. It could present a very attractive option to have a powerful smartphone and tablet all-in-one, especially when mobile devices are becoming more and more expensive. So, even though the Z Fold 4 will be pricey, being able to buy one device instead of two could be a determining factor for future purchases.