Who’s Recertifying These iPods?

An interesting tale from a reliable source has just tipped up regarding buying bargain iPods online:

“The iPod came in just a couple of days--but as soon as I unwrapped it and connected it to my Mac at home I got an ominous alert from my usually quiet antivirus software.  The iPod, it informed me, contained some virus known as AdobeR.exe.

As I dug into the problem, I learned something I probably should have realized before I ordered.  The ‘recertified’ iPod wasn't recertified by Apple, but instead through some third party.”

The moral of the story is that if you’re going to buy a recertified part, get it directly from the manufacturer.  A virus on the device could end up being the least of your problems, but it is certainly indicative of a quality control issue.
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