What You Didn’t See In The Captain America: Civil War Trailer Could Be Amazing

The first official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War hit the web today and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. The trailer begins where the post-credit scene from Ant Man leaves off, with Bucky’s metal arm trapped in a piece of machinery, while Falcon and Cap look on.

It’s obviously after the events of Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, and Cap asks Bucky, “Buck -- Do you remember me?”. You really should hear Bucky’s answer and see Cap’s response to help understand why this ultimately happens...

cap bucky iron man fight
Bucky, Captain America, And Iron Man Duke It Out

Yes, that’s Bucky and Captain America putting the beat down on Iron Man. It seems all of the tech in Tony’s suit can’t help him when Cap and Bucky are determined to whoop some ass.

Why Tony and Cap are at odds is the main premise of the movie – the powers that be no longer want Cap and the rest of The Avengers operating unchecked, without supervision. After what happened with the Hulk in Age of Ultron, it seems some of The Avengers are apt to agree. Cap and his faction, however, see things differently and it spurs a civil war. Watch the trailer and you’ll see what we mean.

The keen observers among you will notice a few things. It appears that Cap, Bucky, and Falcon are joined by Scarlet Witch and Barton when the action heats up. Stark / Iron Man is joined by War Machine, and it seems Black Widow is on his side as well – or at least pretending that she’s on his side. Also fighting Cap and Bucky is a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther.

Black Panther – whose actual name is T'Challa – is the heir to the kingdom of Wakanda, which if you remember is the Africa nation, and only place on earth, where Vibranium can be found. Vibranium is the metal used to make Cap’s shield, and it’s what Ultron was after when he, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver met with Ulysses “Klaw” Klaue in the last Avengers movie.

black panther
Black Panther Will Appear In Captain America: Civil War

Black Panther is a gifted tactician, strategist, scientist and master of unarmed combat according to the Marvel Wiki, but the cinematic universe doesn’t always follow the comic to the letter, so his back story and other attributes may be somewhat different in Civil War. He’ll probably play somewhat of a major role, however, since a standalone Black Panther movie is due to hit theaters in 2018.

Though the Black Panther debut is cool, it’s all of the other heroes and villains set to appear in Civil War, which don’t appear in the trailer that may really get you interested, and be, dare we say, AMAZING (hint, hint). There are so many characters in this movie, Marvel may as well have called it Avengers 2.5.

First, we should mention William Hurt’s character – though, we do get to see him. He’s actually reprising his role of General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (Betty Ross’ father) from The Incredible Hulk. His disdain for the Hulk probably spurs him to action in this movie, especially after the Hulk’s misdeeds in Age of Ultron. Who we don’t get to see are Scott Lang, otherwise known as Ant Man (in the MCU at least), the Vision, Crossbones, and the amazing one himself – Spider Man.


At the end of Ant Man, Lang’s friend Luis mentions that Falcon is looking to find the Ant Man, so we can probably assume that contact is made at some point and Lang ends up working with Cap and Falcon in some way, shape or form. And at the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Frank Grillo’s character, Brock Rumlow, is seen being carried off, badly burned in a stretcher after the Project Insight Carrier plows into the Triskelion. A heavily armored Rumlow will be back in Civil War as the villain Crossbones (see update below!). Though he doesn’t appear in the official trailer, pics have already leaked on him on-set. He also appears in a leaked teaser that was shown behind closed doors a few months back.

ant man
Ant Man...

It’s not clear if he’s going to appear as a young Peter Parker or the full-on Spider-Man, but Tom Holland has been cast as the amazing one in Civil War as well. Holland will appear as Spider-Man in the next two Avengers movies and a standalone Spider-Man reboot due to hit theaters in 2017 too.

There are so many tie ins and potential twists and turns, we could fill volumes speculating or drawing potential story lines from Marvel Comics, but it’s probably best to just sit back and enjoy the action. Marvel’s trailers are always meticulously edited to lead viewers in one direction, while the movies may go off in another. Whether or not that’s the case here doesn’t really matter. The Captain America: Civil War trailer is awesome and we can’t wait to see the movie.

Captain America: Civil War is due to hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

Update December 29, 2015 - It turns out Frank Grillo's character Crossbones is actually in the trailer for a few brief moments. At about the 27 second mark, there is a group of soldiers / police men scrambling with weapons, and Crossbones is in the background.

crossbones scene

His appearance is very quick, so we've taken the liberty of taking a screen capture and highlighting Crossbones for you.  Hopefully a second trailer is inbound and we'll get to see the Vision, Ant Man, and Spidey at some point, though it's possible Marvel will want to keep a couple of the appearances a surprise.