Latest 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer Pits Iron Man Against Hulk

When it comes to superhero face-offs, Iron Man vs. the Hulk is shaping up as the one to beat. (Not that Iron Man’s dust-up with Thor in “The Avengers” wasn’t mightily entertaining.) Marvel has been stoking the fire in advance of the upcoming “Avengers: Age of Ultron” sequel, even going so far as to release a teaser trailer for the Iron Man/Hulk trailer (think on that a second), which released today.

Trailer screengrab. Image credit: Marvel

While none of the movies about individual Avengers could be described as cheery, the first title to see the Avengers unite was particularly dark and ended with an alien invasion that wreaked history-changing damage on Earth. Now, the Avengers face Ultron, and the new trailer paints an even more bleak picture than the last.

But then, that’s one of “The Avengers” secret ingredients, isn’t it? If they were a trained, slick team that saved the world without some internal friction, it would be a yawner. Tension in the ranks adds another layer of vulnerability to the heroes (think “Aliens”). Will the Avengers keep it together in the face of an overpowering new foe, or will Sigourney Weaver have to step in with a power loader?

The trailer doesn’t give us nearly enough of the Hulk/Ironman showdown, but we’ll take what we can get on the way to the movie’s May 1 release date.