Weekend Update - FB-DIMM, Excalibur 9550, JetMaster, Zalman

Happy Sunday all!  It's turning out to be another gorgeous day here in the North East.  Makes a guy almost want to get out in it and get a life...  What is that round bright yellow thing in the sky anyway?  OK, so once you're done with this morning's shot of HH News goodness, you need to go do just that, cool?  On with it then...

HIS Excalibur 9550 VIVO iFan Edition @ Bytesector

"Recently, everyone's attention has been directed at the wave of reviews about the X800's and the 6800's. However, for people who can't afford to pay an arm and a leg but still want great multimedia use and acceptable performance that can handle today's high end games, such as Far Cry and Doom 3, then the HIS 9550 Excalibur Vivo is the right choice for you..."

Can you believe it, another graphics card review?  Radeons come in 31 flavors like ice cream, these days. 

IDF Fall 2004 Update Part @ HardwareZone:

"In the final part of our IDF Fall 2004 update, we talked about Intel CTO, Pat Gelsinger's, strategy in upgrading the aging Internet. We also looked at upcoming technologies like FB-DIMM and had tons of photos from the technology showcase."

Want 800MHz DDR2?  Gotta got the way of the FB-DIMM (Fully Buffered DIMM).  See here... ;-)

Aerocool JetMaster Mid Tower Gaming Case Review @ TechMods:

"With so many options out there these days it is becoming hard to choose a decorative case, whether it be a pre-modded chassis; they are mostly manufactured in that fashion. As side from price categories there are different themes as well. Today we are going to have a look at a budget minded gaming case from Aerocool that is themed from the well known T3 series movies. The Aerocool JetMaster Mid Tower Gaming Case. "

OCIA.net has posted a review of the Zalman 5.1 Channel Headphone Amplifier:

"Gaming was stellar to say the least. I didn't notice any difference in Quake 3, mostly due to its aging sound engine in sure, but Battlefield and Call of Duty where unbelievable. I was able to hear people creeping up behind me in both of the latter mentioned games. This was especially useful when piloting a jet in Desert Combat. I could locate, with extreme precision, where the plane was on my tail. This helped me to outmaneuver them and ultimately increase my kill to death ratio."

"Increase my kill to death ratio"... Isn't that nice...  Ease up on the Rock-Star drinks there Johnny.

Alright, that's it for this weekend update.  Be cool all!  Have a fine one.

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