Waterchill Kit, an X600 Pro, Some Coolers and Some Cases

Hello all!  How is every one doing today?  I hope you're all doing well!  I'm still in a fog trying to comprehend some of this theories put forth by Stephen Hawking and his contemporaries in the special / interview that aired on the Science Channel last night.  I love hearing theories about quantum mechanics and the birth of the universe.  Especially since we really know very little about our origins.  Consider that fact that we have just now detected two new moons on Saturn and a new gas on Jupiter.  If we're still finding things in our own solar system, how much is out there that we haven't even begun to imaging yet?  Science is so cool...

 WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Power kit - KT12A-L30 @ Bjorn3D:

"Is it me or do we get more and more fans in our systems for each year? When I started using PC's you usually had 1 fan on the PSU and nothing more. Today it isn't usual that you have 2-3 casefans, a huge fan on the CPU, a big noisy fan on the video card and even in some cases a fan on the motherboard chipset. While all these fans do help removing heat from the computer they also introduce a lot of noise."

 Gigabyte 3D Rocket Pro Cooler review @ hardCOREware.net:

"When we reviewed Gigabyte's first entry into the cooler market, we saw if nothing else a lot of potential. Weighing in at almost 1 kilo, it was a heavy beast, and while performance was great, a 1 kg copper cooler is going to cost a lot. The Rocket Pro is Gigabyte's sophomore cooling product, and where the original Cooler GT missed, the Rocket hits home run after home run."

 Sapphire Tech X600 Pro VIVO 256MB Video Card Review @ PimpRig:

"The package is as flashy and eye-catching as they come. I really liked the inclusion of the window on the back so you can take a peek at the card itself. If the extra 128MB over their competitors don't work then maybe the sexy, black PCB will."

 PDP PC3200 & PC4000 Dual Channel Kits @ OverclockerOnline:

"Today we will be looking at two examples from their dual channel DDR line: the Patriot Memory Dual Channel 1GB PC4000 eased latency and Patriot Memory Dual Channel 1GB PC3200 low latency memory kits. Our goal in this article is to not only see if they perform up to their advertised specification, but to also see how much extra headroom each kit can afford. With that in mind, lets get started."

 Sleeping Around Wirelessly @ The Tech Zone:

"With all the personal information on your computer, do you ever wonder what would happen if someone gained access or control? You may be thinking, "But I have nothing important - why would anyone bother?" Think again. People do bother - and the information they gain could lead to serious privacy or identity theft, not to mention alarming financial repercussions. How do I know this is true? Time for a confession."

 Thermaltake Tsunami Case Review @ 3DX:

"Today 3DXtreme has the great pleasure of reviewing one of Thermaltake's latest case offerings, the Tsunami Dream. When it comes to quality, attractive case designs Thermaltake is well known to be among the best. Always seeking new design ideas for both aesthetics and functionality they have come up with the Tsunami. Let's have a closer look at this case and find out what makes it stand out in a crowd."

 Counter-Strike: Source Beta audio performance explored @ TR:

"Unlike the DOOM 3 engine, which currently processes positional audio on the CPU, the Source engine appears to take advantage of hardware 3D audio acceleration. In theory, leveraging sound card resources to crunch positional audio calculations should free up CPU resources and improve overall performance, but is there really much of a performance difference between audio implementations? We've rounded up nine different sound cards to find out."

That's just about going to do it for this installment!  Check back later though - we should have some new content posted shortly...