Watching Tesla’s Incredible Giga Berlin Factory Fly-Through Video Is Pure Science Fiction

Tesla Giga Berlin factory
You can take some remarkable videos and photos with a drone because of their ability to capture unique aerial views that even the longest selfie sticks wouldn't be able to achieve, but one of the coolest drone videos we've ever seen actually takes place inside a Tesla factory. It's a rare and spectacular tease of how the high-tech sausage is made, so speak.

Tesla tapped Ferdinand Wolf, a commercial drone pilot at Skynamic, to buzz around its recently opened Gigafactory in Berlin. It's Tesla's first Gigafactory in Europe where a combination of automation tools and around 10,000 employees hope to manufacture up to half a million vehicles annually. The factory could go a long way towards reducing or eliminating the reported long delays for certain vehicles in certain regions.

As one of the comments on the YouTube video points out, it's hard to decide if the factory and its machinery or Wolf's piloting skills are more impressive. Quite frankly, both are stunning. The video begins outside the factory on what looks like an overcast day, with the drone entering the facility at around the 15-second mark.

From there, the drone flies around and through several of the automated machines for high tech tour of operations like you've probably never seen before. Many of the shots would be dangerous to attempt outside of using something like a drone. But here we get to see various parts of the process, such as metal stamping, welding, and a paint dip. It all comes together to form Model Y vehicles.

It's around a three-minute video and it showcases multiple parts of the $5.5 billion factory that spans around 1.2 square miles. There's a ton of machinery and clusters of employees in different parts of the video. And while there's quite a bit of editing in the final result, it's a highly impressive clip that looks like it's straight out of science fiction movie.

There's a shorter clip on Instagram with bonus footage of Elon Musk showing off his dance skills. We also see Wolf piloting the drone with a controller while wearing a headset. Just good stuff all around.