Watch Microsoft's Upcoming Windows 10X OS Running On A Surface Pro 7

Windows 10X on Surface Pro 7
Slowly but surely, Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10X initially designed for dual-screen (and later expanded to single-screen) devices is nearing completion. Microsoft has not yet announced a release date. However, previews of a nearly completed and leaked build have found their way to the web, including a video of the upcoming operating system running on the Surface Pro 7.

In our Surface Pro 7 review that we posted last week, it was definitely not running Windows 10X, and instead shipped with Windows 10 Home. Nevertheless, someone did actually get Windows 10X up and running on the single-screen device. Have a look...

Have a look...

There were some caveats with the unofficial demonstration. The user who uploaded the video, ADeltaX, noted on Twitetr that while "almost all drivers" were up and running, orientation does not work on the Surface Pro 7 at this early stage. In addition, getting the device to pump out audio in Windows 10X requires a registry patch.

It does run, however, and minus some stuttering here and there, it looks pretty good. One of the main elements of Windows 10X is that the Taskbar icons are positioned at the center at the bottom of the screen, instead of extending from the left. That includes the Start menu, which opens up a container of shortcuts in the middle of the display.

The video also highlights what multitasking is like in Windows 10X. Switching between apps is quick and easy, though this is where the stuttering came into play. We can chalk that up to this being an unfinished build, on a piece of hardware that will probably never ship with Windows 10X. Still, it's neat to see the interaction via touches, pen taps, and gestures.

Microsoft will end up pre-loading Windows 10X on certain hardware devices, rather than offer it as a standalone OS. Whatever those end up being, you can bet we will get them in for review, to offer our own hands-on impressions. Stay tuned.