Wal-Mart Becomes the Top Gaming Retailer

Well, Wal-Mart may be having trouble keeping up with iTunes as far as being the top music retailer, but it doesn't have iTunes as a competitor among video games.  Thus, we are where we are ...

eMarketer.com conducted a survey of 2,000 gamers aged 12 to 54, dubbed "Are You Game?" It found that Wal-Mart was the most visited retailer for video games, with Best Buy and GameStop tied for second.  The margin was 8%, a pretty large margin, as you can see below.

After those three comes Target, and then Circuit City and Amazon, tied.  Yes, the "I'm closing 155 stores" Circuit City, you've got it; still decently high in the rankings.

So, based on this, not only is Wal-Mart the world's biggest retailer, it's the world's biggest gaming retailer.  On the other hand, we'd sure like to see a survey like this broken up with sales tax taken into account.  Places like California, with a high sales tax, might skew differently.

What about you HH readers?  What's your retailer of choice?