Vote For Your Favorite Tech Makeover Entries NOW

Just a reminder everyone, that the submission phase of the Tech Makeover campaign ended yesterday, and it's now time to vote for your favorite entries. The response has been absolutely awesome to this event, and the Tech Makeover website is loaded with some great makeover candidates. Some of the stories are touching and heartfelt, while others are fun and lively. To determine the winners, we need your help to sort everything out!

Please point your browser to the Tech Makeover site and vote for your favorite candidates. Remember, we'll be visiting the lucky winners personally, and will be giving them a serious technology infusion! We're also going to be shooting some video of the whole process! The makeovers will be featured right here on HotHardware in our Video Spotlight section!

We want to bring the lucky winners into the twenty-first century, and Intel and the rest of the crew involved would like to hear who you think is the best choice. So vote for your favorite candidate today!
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