VoodooPC Making iPod-Killer?

VoodooPC's President and CTO Rahul Sood has made some very interesting comments in one of his latest blog entries. After illustrating the impact the iPod has made upon Apple's own products and the Consumer Electronics industry in general, he wraps up with some very intriguing comments that seem to indicate a new product coming from VoodooPC to combat the iPod. I'm not sure how this unknown new product would fare, though consumers have to love companies willing to do battle with the multimedia Goliath from Apple.

Companies need to start focusing on the big blue ocean. Apple took an existing product idea and made it better. Apple did not invent the MP3 player, they re-invented it, and it was an established technology at the time. There are other emerging markets that we must look at and consider in order to compete against Apple. I have some fantastic ideas on how to beat Apple at the IPOD game and it doesn't involve making, yet another, wanna-be IPOD.
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