Vista=Trouble For Mobo and Graphics Card Manufacturers

DigiTimes is reporting that the impending release of Windows Vista has some motherboard and video card manufacturers worried that their excess inventory of low-end products that don't support Vista will be completely devalued.

"With Windows Vista up and coming, makers of motherboards and VGA cards are now worried they will incur losses from their inventory of low-end products that do support Microsoft's new operating system (OS), according to industry sources. The makers are now raising the proportion of shipments to emerging markets and government purchases, worrying that if they are unable to clear their inventories of such low-end non-Vista-supporting motherboards and graphics cards, prices of such products will plummet after the new OS hits the market, the sources said. The sources pointed out that non-Vista-supporting products, such as the ATI Radeon 9250 and Nvidia MX4000 have seen their prices fall to US$35 and below US$30, respectively."