Vista On The Horizon For A Solar Year

IT managers have a lot to say about migrating their business systems onto Microsoft Vista OS. And in the UK at least, nearly half of those surveyed by Vanson Bourne predict that it will require a full year to get everybody on the same OS page.
Just three per cent of respondents said they are planning to migrate their corporate systems onto Vista immediately.

As well as time, the sheer complexity of migration was cited by 62 per cent of IT managers as putting them off a move to Vista.

The research also shows IT staff are concerned about post migration issues such as downtime - leading to loss of productivity - and user questions about personal settings or applications wasting support staff time.

David Bradshaw, analyst for the company that commisioned the survey, suggested  IT departments may wait for the employees to start using Vista on their home computers for a while first, to ease user confusion following OS migration. Silly David. How can they steal it from work if you don't have a copy?

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