Vista, Flash, And The Hybrid Drive Cowboy

Samsung's been working on a mashup of flash memory and a regular old hard drive that takes advantage of Microsoft's new Vista OS. And with up to 256 MB of often used information kept in Flash, you're bound to spend less time waiting and listening to the drive clicking away and looking for the same old stuff over and over.

Samsung is preparing to release a new Flash memory-assisted computer hard drive that boasts improved performance, reduced energy consumption, a faster boot time, and better reliability. The new hybrid hard drive will be released around the same time as the upcoming Windows Vista operating system and will be one of the first hardware designed specifically to benefit from it.

Eventually your drive is going to be all flash, probably, when the price comes down. This and Vista's Flash capability are a  good start.

Your computer really bogs down right around the belly button when you're calling up that extremely hi-res picture of Jennifer Alba in the chaps and the cowboy hat, over and over, doesn't it?

Samsung says: Problem solved. Read about it at: The Future of Things.