VIA's Glenn Henry Speaks On New Isaiah Processor

With all the buzz around VIA's recent announcement of their next generation low power Isaiah mobile processor, we thought it would be a good idea to get together with some of VIA's top architecture and design brass in a "fireside chat" sort of venue.  The idea was to provide a little more insight into what the team at VIA feels will be the real value proposition of their ultra low power Isaiah mobile X86 processor and how the product will differentiate versus current and future offerings from the likes of Intel, AMD and others.  Our direct line of contact was with VIA's Centaur design center president, Glenn Henry.  Former Dell CTO and IBM Engineering Fellow, Glenn founded Centaur back in 1995 and the highly successful company has the lowest employee attrition rate in the industry - no small feat for a semiconductor design house.  Click the link below for the full scoop...

VIA's Glenn Henry Speaks On New Low Power Isaiah Processor

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