VIA Launches First Single-Chip Embedded Chipset, the VIA CX700

VIA Launches First Single-Chip Embedded Chipset, the VIA CX700, at ESC 2006

Ground-breaking high performance all-in-one x86 chipset for ultra compact embedded systems underscores VIA's leadership in x86 miniaturization and integration, garners broad industry support

Fremont, California, 4th April 2006 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the VIA CX700 digital media IGP chipset for the VIA C7(R) and Eden(R) processor platforms, the most advanced x86 embedded chipset that integrates all the cutting-edge features of a modern chipset's North and South bridges, including rich video graphics, HD audio, and DDR2 and SATA II support, into a single, compact and highly power-efficient package.

Designed specifically for the embedded market and already adopted by leading industry players, the VIA CX700 will be on display at the VIA booth #1145 and partners' booths at the Embedded Systems Conference show in San Jose, California this week.

"A true single-chip integration that delivers the performance, flexibility and power efficiency demanded by embedded developers, the CX700 looks set to drive x86 further into the embedded space and enhance VIA's momentum in this market," said Chinhwaun Wu, Special Assistant to the President, Processor Platform Product Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "Fully embodying VIA's design strategy of shrinking the platform while supporting contemporary video, audio, memory and peripheral technologies, the CX700 represents the next phase of innovation in enabling more compact and sophisticated x86 systems."

Rich Feature Integration: A host of leading digital media, memory and connectivity technologies are packed into the single-chip package of the VIA CX700:V

  • Video - Enhanced video quality is provided through the proven VIA UniChrome™ Pro IGP core with its 128-bit 2D/3D graphics, acclaimed hardware MPEG-2 video decoding acceleration and intelligent video rendering technology of the Chromotion™ CE video display engine; this is complemented by the VIA Vinyl HD Audio controller supporting up to eight high definition channels delivering a richer all-round digital media experience.
  • Memory - VIA's renowned memory controller technology has been incorporated into the VIA CX700, with support for both DDR400 and the high-bandwidth DDR2533 memory up to 4GB with ECC capability, and 32-bit as well as 64-bit system memory to extend performance, design and cost flexibility to developers.
  • Connectivity - Broad connectivity comes with support for SATA, SATA II and PATA drives, two COM and six USB2.0 ports, and four PCI slots, allowing for considerable flexibility in board configuration. Moreover, developers can also integrate support for ISA through an ITE PCI bridge chip, combining legacy ISA connectivity with high bandwidth DDR2 memory support for far more powerful embedded systems.
  • Display - Flexibility is extended to display technologies, with the VIA CX700 integrating a multi-configuration LVDS/DVI transmitter, a popular feature for embedded systems, as well as standard TV-out, and incorporating DuoView to enable dual screen display.

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