Verizon Wireless Data Cap Increases And Price Hikes Arrive July 7th

Verizon has some new plans in store for its customers. A promo surfaced on Verizon’s Testman site that hinted about several upcoming changes to their data plans. Verizon initially commented that customers should expect “fireworks” in the next week, however, its finally revealed what updates will be part of the Verizon Plan on July 7th.


The line-up will include data packages labelled as S, M, L, XL, and XXL. These packages are as follows:

  • S: 2GB for $35 (previously 1GB for $30)
  • M: 4GB for $50 (previously 3GB for $45)
  • L: 8GB for $70 (previously 6GB for $60)
  • XL: 16GB for $90 (previously 12GB for $80)
  • XXL: 24GB for $110 (previously 18GB for $100)
Verizon is also touting “Carryover Data”. If a customer has unused data in one month, they can use it in the following month. That unused data will thereafter expire. This feature is exactly like rollover data from AT&T and will be included with all plans at no extra charge.

Verizon CarryOver

The company will include “Safety Mode” as well. This will enable customers to use Verizon data after they have gone over their monthly allotment, however, data speeds will be heavily reduced. This feature will be free for XL and XXL customers, but cost $5 a month for other plans. Verizon will also allow XL and XXL plans to use text and data allowances when in Mexico and Canada. This feature is unlimited. S, M, and L plans will need to pay an additional fee.

Verizon last update in May raised data limits on prepaid smartphone plans.  Verizon's $45 a month plan jumped from 1GB to 3GB, while the $60 plan doubled to 6GB. This included unlimited talk and text in the United States. The $45 plan came with free texting to Mexico and Canada while the $60 plan comes with free texting and calling to both countries. Verizon argues that their latest plan will offer “30% more data per size at lower cost”.