Verizon Reportedly Debuting Rollover Data For Wireless Plans July 1st


Bottle rockets and Black Cats won't be the only fireworks going off next week, apparently Verizon Wireless is planning to light things up in a big way, too. According to an image that was posted on reddit, Big Red is getting ready to introduce several new features, the biggest of which is the ability to roll unused data over to the next month.

Verizon's calling that feature Carryover Data, which is exactly what it sounds like—Verizon will automatically roll unused data to the end of the following month. Assuming the screenshot is accurate (it was supposedly taken from Verizon's Testman site), the Carryover Data feature will be available with plans of any size. What isn't known is whether it will be included at no charge or as an optional add-on.

Verizon Plan

The other interesting tidbit here is Safety Mode. This appears to be a way to prevent overage charges by going over your monthly data limit. Customers who opt for Safety Mode will have their connections throttled once they've used up their bucket of data, at which point they can buy more 4G LTE data or simply wait for the next billing cycle. As the above image shows, it will be included free with XL and XXL plans, and cost $5 per month for Small, Medium, and Large plans.

Verizon's last feature upgrade is another free perk for XL and XXL subscribers, that being the ability to use text and data allowances when traveling to Mexico or Canada. It also includes unlimited calling from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada. For those on a smaller plan, this will be offered at an additional cost, though Verizon hasn't yet revealed how the pricing will shake out.