Verizon Ups Data Caps On Prepaid Plans But You'll Need To Setup Auto-Pay To Tap In


Verizon plans on raising its data limit for prepaid smartphone plans. Starting May 15th, the data limit on Verizon's $45 a month plan jumps from 1GB to 3GB, while the $60 plan has been doubled to 6GB. This includes unlimited talk and text in the United States. The $45 plan comes with free texting to Mexico and Canada while the $60 plan comes with free texting and calling to both countries. There is, however, a catch -- you will need to set up Auto Pay in order to reap the benefits.

Verizon’s Vice President of Consumer Pricing, Rob Miller, stated, "Whether you're just starting out with your own wireless plan or simply love to have complete control of your wireless spending, prepaid plans give you the best network on the latest phones. Prepaid plans from Verizon keep you in control without the worry of overages or hidden fees.”

Prepaid plans include no annual contracts, no activation fees, no credit checks, and free next day shipping. If you have the MyVerizon app, you can add money to your account for ringtones and other extras and upgrade your data. If you reach the end of the data plan, Verizon allows you to buy extra data through their app. For $5, you receive an extra 500MB, for $10 you receive 1 GB and for $20 you receive 3GB.

Verizon still offers a basic plan with unlimited talk and text for $30 a month, however, this does not include a monthly plan and it relies solely on Wi-Fi. Prepaid plans for feature phones include unlimited talk, text and mobile web for $30 per month or 300 voice minutes, texts or multimedia messages, and unlimited mobile web for $15 per month.

Verizon is the nation's largest carrier by subscriber count, but its competitors T-Mobile and At&T recently increased their own Internet packages. Verizon released these same prepaid plans in February, but they are now a permanent promotion.

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