Verizon's $40 Visible Unlimited Prepaid Service Launches For Android

Back in May of 2018, we talked a bit about the Visible pre-paid cellular service that is backed by Verizon. It's been a while since we have heard anything about Visible, which first launched with exclusive support for iPhones. Now, Visible has announced that it is extending support to Android devices, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. For $40 monthly paid up front, you'll get unlimited text, calls, and data.


Right now, those are the only two Android phones that are supported by Visible, unfortunately. You can either bring your own unlocked Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ over to the prepaid service, or you can purchase a device direct from Visible. You can finance the phones at a cost of $32/month or $38/month respectively. If you'd prefer to go the iPhone route, you'll also find a number of iPhone models to choose from including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

If you want to give the service a try and have a compatible device, you purchase via the Visible app (Android); there are no stores to go to for ordering. Single line accounts are supported, for now, it's not clear when or if multiline accounts will be supported. As for speeds, the data is capped at 5Mbps and video streams at 480p. Payments are accepted via Venmo, PayPal, or a credit card.

Visible aims to be a very flexible service so it can change as a customer's needs change. While it's not spelled out, we presume that the devices you bring to the Visible network need to support Verizon networks.