Vantec MousePad, A Few ATI AIW 9600XT's And A Few Other Items

Good morning friends :)  After a night of planning, I think I have come up with a way to "borrow" that sexy laptop Marco is working on.  The plan involves a small army of garden gnomes wearing green overalls and an industrial sized jug of thermal grease...wait...Marco, reads the news!  *Sigh*  Back to the drawing board... ;)

Here is your news for the AM...

Vantec Spectrum Mousepad Review @

"Need something to light up the night in your room while you go bezerk on your mousepad? This might be it, using a built-in blue CCFL, this may be the sleekest mousepad to roll around lately..."

Antec's Aria enclosure @ The Tech Report

"Unfortunately, small form factor systems offer a limited number of PCI slots and 3.5" drive bays, relatively weak power supplies, and virtually no motherboard upgrade path. Antec's new Aria cube avoids those pitfalls by supporting standard Micro ATX motherboards, accommodating three internal 3.5" drives, and sporting a 300W power supply, but in avoiding typical small form factor gotchas, Antec has saddled the Aria with some baggage of its own. Join me as I explore the Aria's triumphs and flaws to determine if this unique take on the cube form factor is right for your next PC."

ATI All-In-Wonder 9600XT Review @ Designtechnica

"On the graphics side, the processor used in the All-In-Wonder 9600XT is faster than comparably priced Nvidia video cards and should be able to handle most of today"s games as long as the games are configured for medium graphical settings. Priced at around $299, the All-In-Wonder 9600XT is a relatively new card and we expect its price to drop with the introduction of ATI"s next generation video cards. Otherwise, if you would like more graphical power, we would recommend upgrading to the All-In-Wonder 9800 which can be found for only $30 more. "

Samsung and E-Yama 17 Inch Gaming LCD Monitors Compared @ GamePC

"Today at the GamePC Labs, we've done a quick comparison of two new LCD monitors to recently hit the market. The Samsung 172X and the E-Yama 17NE1-S both feature 17 inch screens and 1280x1024 resolutions, but that's where the similarities end. Despite their similar sizes and extremely fast pixel refresh rates (12ms and 14ms), these models are priced at different markets, due to their vastly opposed feature sets. Is a fast pixel refresh rate all that is needed for a good gaming LCD screen? We investigate."

ATI All in Wonder Radeon 9600XT Multifunction Videocard Review @

"The All in Wonder 9600XT brings a cost effective alternative to dropping another US$100 to buy the next highest readily available version which is the AIW 9800pro. You can't ignore the fact that this card brings an unbelievable amount of potential to an everyday computer. Instead of just using your computer to surf the web, game and catch up on your work, you can transform that ordinary work box into a complete multimedia center complete with countless audio/video inputs and outputs, a television, a FM radio and lets not forget a very capable gamer."

Time for me to get back to "work."  I will catch you back here later :) - Cheers

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