Valve Source Engine Updates

Our friends at PC Perspective have just posted a preview of the latest enhancements Valve is about to release for its Source Engine. Above all, the enhancements are iamge quality "effects" which can custom tailor the gaming environment to the storyline for a much more immersive experience. Ryan's article clearly outlines these new effects and provides several examples of what is now possible by the developers. In similar fashion, the gang at HardOCP have also made the trip to Valve and have posted their impressions as well.

There is little doubt that Valve Software is probably the leading developer in game technology today. They are continuing to push the boundaries of gaming hardware and with cinematic effects such as the ones we showed you today as well as prior Source updates such as High Dynamic Range lighting, Valve continues to make NVIDIA and ATI happy by adding value to graphics cards upgrades. I can only foresee this trend continuing as Valve further tweaks and modifies the Source engine and makes their titles even more impressive than HL2 was.