USB 5.1 Headphones, Soltek K8T890 Performance, and more!

For those of you not watching football at the moment, I ask you to take a look below at our latest news offerings. I'm going to get straight to it since I'll be off shortly to watch my beloved Patriots battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. Enjoy!

Gigabyte GA-81915P Duo Pro-A @ Club Overclocker

"This board gives you the flexibility to keep your DDR and your AGP video card with the option to later upgrade to DDR2 and PCI Express. This sounds perfect for the person that wants to gradually upgrade their system. I know that upgrading your CPU and board can be a little expensive, but at least now you don't have to upgrade the RAM and the video card at the same time."

LTB USB Pro 5.1 Headphone Set @ LAN Addict

"The detachable microphone is a big plus, too! It would also do quite as the primary sound source on many home systems, especially if you're space limited. The sound you get from them is really remarkable, considering that they have their own AC97 audio decoder and run strictly off of a USB port. I can easily recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a personal sound solution for their PC!"

Soltek K8T890 Performance Preview @ t-break

"VIA had their K8T890 chipset announced for the Athlon64 platform quite some time back. If we remember right, it was announced before nVidia's nForce4 as the first PCI Express solution for the AMD platform. However, boards based on this chipset are yet to make an appearance on store shelves. Today, we have recieved the first motherboard based on the K8T890 chipset and its an Engineering sample from Soltek modelled the K8T890."

Shuttle XPC SB77G5 @

"Shuttle are aiming the SB77G5 at the gamer, giving them recent P4 processor support in a small form factor, while letting them use existing AGP graphics and good DDR400 memory. The performance relative to DFI's excellent 875P-T shows they've succeeded in the performance endeavour, using that processor. But if you're a gamer, with the money to spend on SB77G5, why are you using Pentium 4? Shuttle's alternate SN95G5 is more suited to you."