Upskirts Get Japan's iPhone a Special Feature

In case you don't know, an upskirt photo is one taken surreptitiously by pointing a camera upwards and ... well, we're hoping you can figure it out on your own, as well as the analogous downblouse photo.

For some reason, with the advent of high-resolution camera phones, the practice of upskirt and downblouse photos have become very popular in Japan.  According to freelancer Nobuyuki Hayashi, the iPhone omitted this "feature," - a silent shutter sound - possibly explaining its wild popularity in that country.  All right, all right, it's popular everywhere.  Sue us.

At any rate, the iPhone 3G has restored such functionality. This gives tne Japanese version an exclusive feature, though perhaps one photographers in that country (ahem) wish they could do without.

And now the big question: will vintage iPhones sell with a premium because they lack this "feature?"
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