Ultra USB Hubs, OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Series, and more!

Hey everyone, I'm just dropping off some news before I hit the sack :) Goodnight all.

Ultra USB Hubs @ Viperlair

"The USB 2.0 Hub has the advantage of nicely spaced out ports, LED indicators for power and usage, and of course the bonus of USB 2.0 speeds. Being a powered hub you shouldn't have to worry about power hungry USB devices drawing to much power and shutting down your ports, and the power adapter itself is quite universal with an input rating of 100-240v; a simple plug adapter and the hub can be powered up anywhere with a socket."

OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Series @ Bytesector

"Today, I will be taking a look at their second-best DDR2-800 memory modules, also known as their Gold Series. While these modules sport a nice 800MHz module speed, the latency timings take away from the potential performance for 800MHz modules. Regardless of the timings, these modules showed some fairly good performance."

Chaintech AE6800 Apogee (GeForce 6800 PCIe 256MB) @ Hardware Zone

"Compared to the immensely popular GeForce 6600 GT, the next major NVIDIA graphics card up the ladder, the GeForce 6800, has made little impact on the market. All this may be change as Chaintech offers to make us rethink of the GeForce 6800 with its turbo-charged AE6800 Apogee."

Thermaltake Volcano 4005 Heat Exchanger @ Techniz

"This Volcano 4005 Heat Exchanger from Thermaltake is one of the best CPU cooling, the cooler itself combines the air and water cooling together and give an excellent cooling performance to the CPU. It was also totally fanless CPU cooling solution unless an optional fan had been installed to it."

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