Ultra PC4000, Sharp AQUOS LCD and More

Good evening friends, welcome back to HH.  In case you missed it, we just posted a review of MSI's latest drive, the XA52P CD-RW DVD-ROM Serial ATA Combo.  Coming bundled with three interchangeable face-plates and a Serial ATA interface, this drive surely hosts some unique features.  Click the link above to check it out...

 Ultra PC4000 Dual Channel 1-GB Kit Review @ Sharky Extreme

"This is still a niche market, but it definitely seems to be growing and becoming a very important and lucrative part of the computer market. Cost in one factor keeping the buyers in check, and these enthusiast-level DDR modules usually sell for significantly more than generic DDR. Higher performance, enhanced overclocking, and greater stability are the payoffs, but it would be interesting to find enthusiast-level DDR at a more mainstream price. If this combination of high performance and low price is of interest, then Ultra's PC4000 Dual Channel 1-GB kit may shoot right to the top of your shopping list."

 Sharp AQUOS 20" LCD TV (LC-20B4U) @ Bytesector

"More and more people want quality over quantity, results over size; LCD televisions are the outcome of these new desires. Although they are still fairly expensive, they provide fantastic results and are very space friendly. A while ago we took a look at Panasonic's 15" Widescreen LCD TV. Today we will be looking at the Sharp Aquos 20" LCD TV from Sharp. This TV has a 170 degrees vertical/horizontal viewing angle, a 500:1 contrast ratio, High Panel Brightness - 430cd/m2, and more. Let's take a closer look..."

 eVga e-Geforce 6800 Ultra Review @ Neoseeker

"Subsequent tweaking found a sweet spot at 465/1.22 where the eVga was happily rendering away. A 65 Mhz overclock on the core and a 122 Mhz overclock on the memory are quite good and are approaching the limits of the more exotic solutions from some other vendors. As useful as the detect optimal frequency feature is, note that it is not bulletproof but merely gives a rough guideline as to what a good starting point is for experimentation with the clockrates. "


"While the price sits artificially high since it's a brand new generation of GPU and performance, even at £323 it's nearly tempting me into making a purchase of my own for my own PC. My only hesitation is with the (hopefully) imminent introduction of NVIDIA's 6800 GT variant into mass market retail. Benchmarking the 6800 GT reference board indicates greater than X800 PRO performance in a number of tests."

That's all I have for now brothers and sisters.  Catch us back here later :) - Cheers

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