UK Taskforce Wants to Make PCs Green

The United Kingdom plans to make its PCs go green after the realization that PCs across the globe contribute significantly to carbon buildup in the atmosphere. As a result a task force named "Green Shift" has been created in the city of Manchester with the goal of reducing computer energy use in the UK by 98 percent. Green Shift will offer environmentally friendly services such as hosting e-mail, office applications, and web surfing on data centers to consolidate the jobs of individual PCs.
Local Government Minister Phil Woolas described cyber-warming is a "massive issue". He said the taskforce was the first of its kind in the world and a sign of how serious the UK is about tackling this threat to human life on Earth.

"Only if all of our communities are engaged in action to tackle climate change will we be successful," he proclaimed.

Green Shift will begin trials in 2008 with the goal of implementing PC green programs by 2009.

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