Two And A Half Geeks: OCZ Trion SSD, Lenovo LaVie Z, Acer 34-inch Curved Freesync LCD, Windows 10 Mobile, Give-Away Hints

In this episode of HotHardware's Two And A Half Geeks webcast, we kick around the ultra cheap OCZ Trion Solid State Drive, Lenovo's ridiculously light LaVie Z 360 ultrabook, Acer's 34-inch Curved Freesync LCD, the fate of Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft's massive impending layoff, hints at our latest give-away of some great new Intel mini PC technology and more. Yes, much more!

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1:05 - OCZ Trion 100 Series SSD Review: Driving Cost Out Of Solid State Storage
9:58 - Lenovo LaVie Z And LaVie Z 360 Reviews: Taking Thin And Light To A Whole New Level
22:25 - Acer Brings 34 Inches Of Curved FreeSync QHD Love With XR341CK Monitor
31:45 - Microsoft Cuts 7,800 Jobs From Ailing Smartphone Division, Takes $7.6B Write-Down On Nokia Purchase
46:40 - Want to win some cool Intel mini PC gear??