Twitter Begins Publicly Testing An Edit Button Regardless Of Musk Takeover

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Way back in April we reported that, yes, Twitter was actually working on an Edit button. According to Twitter, they had been working on it for a year by that point. At the time, it was only available to Twitter Blue Labs testers. That edit button is now on its way to the production side of Twitter according to a Tweet from today, September 1.

Even though Elon Musk made a promise to make edits a high priority, the fun fiasco that is the Twitter takeover tango he has been dancing did not have any actual bearing on the apparently long-standing plan. Overall, not that much information is available on the functionality change. What we do know is that an edit button is planned, an edit history is planned as well, and that edits are currently being tested.

The edit function is something that users have been asking for a very long time—particularly users who go back, re-read their Tweets and realize that awful spelling mistake they made. That said, some people do not like the idea of an edit button.

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Opponents to the edit button claim Twitter is a source of immutable information from the mouths of people who may be of import. If a person in high standing makes some sort of controversial remark, it is often preserved. Sure, a Tweet could get deleted, though people are often quick with screenshots. Edits could also be used deceptively. If the feature does not include a publicly available edit history, then you might mark a like on something that gets edited to be something you're against, nefarious, bad, or downright dangerous. You don't want to like a post that says "I like puppies" that then gets edited to "I hate puppies" do you?

The edit button has been a long time coming, and a long time needed, for Twitter. Post editing has been available on Facebook and other social media platforms for some time. This also comes on the heels of news that the Twitter Circles function is finally also reaching the hands of regular users. If you're only tweeting to your friends, you won't necessarily have to edit that frequently.