Twitter Circle Lets You Limit Your Shocking Tweets To Just Friends

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Do you ever think the internet's forum for public discourse is a little too public? Maybe a conversation with your friends doesn't need prying eyes on it, but you want everyone involved in the conversation. No, not Reddit.

Twitter seems to be right there with you, which is why it has introduced Twitter Circle. A name reminiscent of Google+'s Circles (and the awful The Circle movie staring the awesome Tom Hanks and Emma Watson), it does hold a similar function. It is effectively private communications between you and up to 150 of your friends, and only those 150 friends.

Actually, they don't even have to be friends—in fact, according to the documentation for Twitter Circles the people you add to your circle don't even have to be followers.

"Twitter Circle allows you to Tweet to a smaller audience of your choice. Anyone on Twitter can be added to a Circle, even if they don’t follow someone. Once in the Circle, they’ll be able to see Tweets and replies shared in that Circle." it says.
Interestingly there's some additional level of privacy, to a point. Only the circle creator can see the list of everyone who is in a circle. As stated above, though, anyone in the circle can view tweets and replies within that circle.

How do you get access to Twitter Circle? How do you use it? Well, right now, it is in testing, so only a select few get access. However for those who do already have access, it will just show up as an option when composing a tweet, letting you outline your circle. That testing is available on iOS, Android, and

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Some users have expressed interest in Twitter Circle, but have also pointed out they'd like to see expansion upon it. Expansions such as a button that would include "Follower Only" to just auto-fill from followers. Of course, for many large accounts that is far more than 150 people.

The circle feature is a nice new addition, especially if you want to try to keep your inside thoughts from going outside. Though many of us are still waiting on that edit button Elon promised us when he decided to try to buy Twitter. Twitter also fairly recently started testing a downvote feature as well.