The Musk Twitter Saga Continues As Elon Is Granted Access To Critical Data

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The Twitter drama continues, as Elon Musk scores a small victory in court. A judge has determined that Musk has the right to view documents pertaining to Twitter's ex-general manager, Kayvon Beykpour.

Twitter and Elon Musk have been embroiled in a battle over the last several months concerning whether or not the tech billionaire will acquire the social media platform. Musk's attempt to buy Twitter has been a roller coaster of events, with it finally ending up in court to decide if Musk will have to follow through with the deal as is. With the major components of the case still pending, Musk scored a small triumph as a judge awarded him the right to view documents of a former Twitter employee.

Musk's attorneys actually filed a motion to compel the court to allow Musk access to files pertaining to 22 additional employees, which the attorneys said had information pertinent to the company's process of analyzing spam or "bot" accounts. However, Judge Kathleen St. Jude McCormick only allowed access to files concerning Beykpour at this time.

While the judge's order was made available on the docket, the motion for the additional documents that were filed last week confidentially, according to Business Insider, did not appear on the court docket. Musk's counterclaims accusing Twitter of a fraudulent "scheme" surrounding its user numbers and metrics did not appear on the docket either.

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Twitter is now "required to collect, review, and produce documents" from Beykpour, according to the judge's short order. The former general manager was hired in 2018 by then CEO Jack Dorsey. Ultimately, Dorsey's replacement, Parag Agrawal, fired Beykpour in May of this year, along with a few other executives. After his departure, Beykpour tweeted that it was not his decision to leave the company.

The once vociferous Musk has recently taken a bit of a break from his tweets challenging the social media platform's stance on bot accounts. The billionaire also sold off a portion of his Tesla stock, stating it was an effort to be prepared if he is ordered to complete his purchase.

There is no doubt that the drama is not over, as the court still has to rule on whether or not Musk must buy Twitter. In the meantime, there will surely be more motions filed, and more than likely a few more pointed comments from Musk on the platform he may end up owning for $44 billion.

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