Turtle Beach's Wireless Stealth Ultra Game Controller Aims To Defeat Stick Drift For Good

turtle beach xbox controller hero
Turtle Beach is set to release the Stealth Ultra Wireless Smart Game Controller, a wireless controller that's specifically designed for Xbox. That said, the controller will not be limited to Xbox—gamers playing on PC or Android based devices will also be able to use what Turtle Beach considers to be its top tier offering.

According to Turtle Beach, “The Stealth Ultra features Turtle Beach’s proprietary low-latency wireless connectivity to Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, and Bluetooth for gaming on supported Smart TVs and Android mobile devices.”

Longevity and reliability are some of the key selling points for this controller. The controller comes with joysticks using Hall Effect sensors, which are far more reliable than what is typically found in joysticks on standard controllers from Xbox. Having these sensors on board means that Stealth Ultra users will be far less likely to encounter a dreaded stick drift issue during the lifetime of the controller.

turtle beach xbox controller body

Gamers looking for something customizable will have plenty of options with the inclusion of a display, which Turtle Beach is calling the “Connected Command Display.” With it, users can get social media notifications and the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments for character loadouts or game genres. It will also be possible to make adjustments to the controller itself, such as vibration intensity, button mappings, and tinkering with the RGB.

Turtle Beach is entering a very crowded high-end controller market, and it's done a solid job with focusing on reliability by choosing to use Hall Effect sensors in the joysticks. However, the inclusion of a display that might end up being detrimental to a user looking to completely focus on their gaming session is a big gamble.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra wireless controller is available to preorder for $199.99 and will release on December 15, 2023.