SCUF Claims Its Groundbreaking Envision Controller Is So Good It Redefines PC Gaming

SCUF Envision controller on a gray background.
Luxury game controllers are somewhat vogue these days with all the major platforms sporting fancy hardware, like the Microsoft Elite series and Sony's DualSense Edge. SCUF is taking them both on with its new Envision, a new line of "groundbreaking" game controllers designed specifically for the PC with "unprecedented customization and cutting-edge technology." Taking it a step further, SCUF says its latest gamepad "redefines the PC gaming experience."

"Our vision is to provide PC gamers who choose to play with a controller the best possible experience in their favorite games," said Bertrand Chevalier, GM of SCUF Gaming. "Before Envision, players settled for performance on controllers that weren’t optimized for PC gaming. Now, with Envision, they have more control, and faster responses, all on a platform tailor-made for PC."

So what's left once you strip away the marketing hype? It starts with a familiar shape, that being the general mold of Microsoft's Xbox controllers both past and present. It's a tried and true form factor and SCUF isn't so much looking to reinvent the wheel as it is decking it out with a fancy rim for the PC.

Compared to standard controllers, the Envision serves up 11 additional remappable inputs. That includes a bottom row of five fully programmable G-keys for easy access to PC shortcuts, similar to what you'd find on a gaming keyboard. It also includes two Side Action (SAX) buttons and four integrated back paddles. And for the ABXY and D-pad buttons, the Envision employs Omron mechanical switches.

There's also a wireless Envision Pro model that levels up the luxury controller with adjustable instant triggers. SCUF says this enables players to toggle between mouse-like clicks, which comes in handy for FPS titles, and the full trigger range for RPGs and racing simulations. And for the wireless capability, the Envision Pro uses Corsair's Slipstream technology for lag-free gaming. Both the Envision and Envision Pro also support Corsair's iCUE utility to customize the RGB lighting.

Luxury controllers don't come cheap and the Envision line is not an exception—SCUF has the Envision priced at $129.99 and the Envision Pro at $179.99. To put those prices into perspective, you can find the Elite Series 2 Core for $129.99, Xbox Elite Series 2 (non-Core) for $179.99, and the DualSense Edge for $199.