Turion64 X2 and SOcket AM2 in May

DigiTimes reports that motherboard vendors have confirmed a May 17 launch date for AMD's Turion64 X2 and Socket AM2 products. This is in contrast to previous reports where AMD would be delaying the launch due to a lack of sufficient volume. With a number of new mobile designs wins for AMD and their Turion64 processor, it will be interesting to see how many more will use this upcoming dual-core version. Certainly, the new SLI notebooks from Alienware which feature the Turion64 would be blistering fast with one of AMD's latest and greatest CPU's under the head.

AMD will launch the Turion 64 X2 mobile platform on May 17 and AM2-compatible processors on May 23, as opposed to rumors of a June 6 launch for the desktop segment and an unspecified June date for the mobile CPU, according to sources at the motherboard makers.


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