TravelPower Notebook Case, ThermalrightXP-90 Heatsink, and more!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the year 2005 :) I hope everyone had a good time last night, I know I did. The news is moving a bit slow today, and so am I, so it works out ;) For your evening dose of news, we have...

APC TravelPower Notebook Case @ A True Review

"...A mouse, extra battery, power adapter, etc... must be carried along with the notebook. This is where a notebook case is your best friend for carrying the accessories and protecting the notebook from damage. Computer Geeks has some great deals on these cases, including the APC TravelPower Synthetic Leather Notebook Case."

Thermalright XP-90 Heatsink Review @ Techniz

"Today, we are review another solid heatsink, the Thermalright XP-90. This heatsink is cost around $40 USD. To install the XP-90 on to the motherboard, it is no needed to take out the motherboard unlike the SP-94. And this XP-90 is a AMD and Itel heatsink. So, you better make sure your motherboard can fit in this giant heatsink, click HERE to check whether your motherboard is compatible or not."

Cyril's Hardware Guide, Part III: Sockets and SLI @ PimpedOutCases

"Processor socket changes are interesting events. They tend to pave the way for great technological strides, and always cause a good deal of confusion and uncertainty during their introductory period. With dual-core processors on the horizon and ever widening buses, it isn't a coincidence that both AMD and Intel decided to launch their new sockets at barely a month's interval this summer."

From all of us here at HH, we wish you a happy 2005!