Transcend Announces ExpressCard Solid State Disk

While it seems that almost every major player in both the storage and memory markets is working on developing solid state disks (SSDs), Transcend is planning to differentiate their initial products from the competition. How are they going to do that? Most of the competition is initially setting themselves up to replace traditional mechanical drives, but Transcend is going straight for the ExpressCard slot.

Don't have a laptop with an ExpressCard slot? Transcend has thought of that too, and is including a USB adapter with their new drives. This way you can use it now, and get a shiny new laptop later on.

The only drawback to these drives is their size, which currently tops out at only 16GB, but you can't have it all.

"Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a leading company in flash memory products, is pleased to announce its brand-new ExpressCard/34 SSD series. The ExpressCard/34 SSD (Solid State Disk) has a huge capacity (up to 16GB) and low power consumption, which makes it perfect for use as a mobile storage solution in notebook computers with ExpressCard slot. This type of slot is a new standard developed by PCMCIA to carry forward the benefits of `plug-in` I/O cards to the next generation of personal computing devices."

Via:  Transcend
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