Toshiba TDPSP1U. Skip The Flatscreen, Go Mobile?

There's always quite a race to display things. Look at the ferocious competition and impressive innovation between the makers of plasma screens, LCD screens, rear-projection sets, you name it. I guess you can still buy Cathode Ray Tubes, too,  if you like technology from the last century. They all have their pluses and minuses, of course, but can you get one that has a picture up to 25 feet across diagonally but costs only $720?  Oh yes, how about if it weighed under 5 pounds? Toshiba says: consider our portable projector.

“As an innovator in mobile computing technology, Toshiba has added the affordable TDP-SP1U to its lineup of award-winning projectors for consumers and business professionals who need a presentation device that can deliver impressive display technology, value-added features and a lower total cost of ownership,” said Jeff Barney, vice president of marketing, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. “Priced affordably, the TDP-SP1U is versatile enough to provide users with a lightweight and substantial projector.”

For professional image quality often found on more expensive projectors, the affordable TDP-SP1U projector also features a rich, vibrant DLP® BrilliantColor™ display technology which utilizes up to six separate colors: red, blue, green, cyan, yellow and magenta for a wider variety of accurate, vibrant colors that won’t fade over time. BrilliantColor™ display technology can enable up to a 50 percent increase in brightness.

Providing lamp life efficiency, the Toshiba TDP-SP1U projector’s lamp is designed to last up to 3,000 hours in standard mode and up to 4,000 hours in economy mode. The Toshiba TDP-SP1U is also a filter-free DLP projector. This technology keeps damaging dust particles from collecting on the projectors imaging elements and therefore may reduce the cost of ownership by requiring one less part to replace, less maintenance and by extending the projector’s lamp life.

It's not really aimed directly at the home entertainment sweepstakes as much as the education and business presentation market, but I ask you: Is there a point where we all become tired of paying thousands of dollars to have a heavy, delicate, constantly obsolescent mini-chernobyl-class recycling horror in our living rooms just to watch crummy TV shows and play Halo 3, and say the hell with it--I'm painting one wall white and relying on the surround sound to drown out the 30 dB projector fan noise?
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