TMS Reveals 10TB RamSAN-810 Enterprise Storage Solution

Texas Memory Systems, a high-end storage and memory provider, has just announced that they're moving into the enterprise MLC market with the first of a new series of eMLC products.

The RamSan-810 is the new guy, and it leverages 33 years of design expertise in record-setting performance and reliability for the eMLC Flash storage market.  It packs 10 Terabytes into a 1U enclosure with 4-GB/s bandwidth and 320K random IOPS.  For read-heavy enterprise applications, the RamSan-810 offers Tier-0 performance and reliability at a Tier-1 price.

The 810 also brings Tier-0 performance and reliability to Tier-1 read-heavy workloads, and is rated for a 10-year life with a 50-TB/day Write workload. Like the SLC RamSan-710, the RamSan-810 provides a completely integrated storage system in a small 1U box.  Since the RamSan-810 works like traditional SAN storage, it is quickly installed without the need for special drivers. 

TMS customers can now choose between the widest range of Flash offerings of any SSD provider: RamSan-710 (SLC, 5-TB), RamSan-810 (eMLC, 10-TB), RamSan-630 (SLC, 10-TB), and RamSan-70 (SLC, 900-GB, PCIe card).