Titanfall 2 For Xbox One X Can Render At 6K Resolution In Short Bursts

One of the biggest marketing pushes surrounding Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X has been 4K support, and it's for good reason. People love crisper images, and when Microsoft's upcoming unit is close to 50% more powerful than the nearest competition (PlayStation 4 Pro), bragging rights are in order (even if a lot of 4K content will be throttled to 30 FPS).

Titanfall 2 01

While both Microsoft and Sony offer their own takes on 4K consoles, Microsoft's implementation is arguably much better, as games designed for Xbox One are naturally going to be able to take advantage of more powerful hardware if the game was designed to Microsoft's guidelines. That means already released games could experience a free performance boost, or a boost by way of increasing the resolution.

Titanfall 2 02

In the case of the excellent Titanfall 2, which came out last fall, it's a resolution boost that could take place. But what's interesting about this one is that the boost wouldn't just be to 4K, but instead 6K, albeit only in very specific parts. Cinema 6K resolution is officially 6144x3072, but in some cases, Titanfall 2 will hit 3200p. The best part? That ultra-high resolution will still deliver about 60 FPS. Those are the fruits of some incredible optimization, it seems, since the game is hardly unattractive.

Even if you don't play Titanfall 2, this revelation bodes well for many other Xbox One games following suit. We just hope resolution boosts are less common than framerate boosts, because while 6K resolution is nice, none of us own a 6K television. Meanwhile, every single person playing would be able to appreciate a framerate boost.