Titan Army's Fast IPS Gaming Monitors Storm Amazon With Killer Specs At Great Prices

titan army monitors come to us from china
If you're dropping anything over $300 on a sweet gaming monitor like Dell had for sale recently, then there are still a few good options out there, including those from Titan Army. This is a Chinese monitor brand that's been making waves in its home continent for its aggressive pricing on feature-filled monitors. Titan Army has now found its way to the United States via Amazon, and there are a few decently balanced offerings that are worth considering if you are in the market.

The first item in the lineup is the Titan Army 32" 1440p curved gaming monitor, coming in at $259.99 after a $40 off coupon. At this fairly reasonable price point, you get a fairly reasonable gaming monitor that can hit 144Hz with a rated 1ms response time and support for AMD FreeSync Premium Plus. Furthermore, this monitor claims to have 95% DCI-P3 coverage, so it should offer rich, saturated colors for a lower-midrange gaming display.

27inch titan army monitors come to us from china

At the same $259.99 price (after a $40-off coupon), there's alternatively the Titan Army 27” 1440p gaming monitor. This display is remarkably similar to the 32” model, but in exchange for the diagonal size, it gets a slightly higher refresh rate of 180Hz. It also swaps the VA LCD of the 32" for an IPS panel instead. Furthermore, it supports AMD FreeSync, meaning it's also G-Sync Compatible—though it isn't listed in NVIDIA's whitelist yet, so you'll have to enable that manually.

Both monitors also have decently robust I/O, with two HDMI ports and two DisplayPort 1.4 ports so you can hook up all of your devices at once. All-in-all, these monitors are primarily exceptional for their pricing; it's possible that you could find a better monitor from known name brands, but it probably won't be this cheap. It's possible that we'll manage to get our hands on one of these and see how they do in person, so stay tuned to HotHardware for that and other monitor coverage.
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