Time Warner Cable's First Transparency Report Shows 12,000 User Information Requests Last Year

Following in the footsteps of future owner Comcast and other cable and wireless operators, Time Warner Cable (TWC) just released its first transparency report. It's for the entire year of 2013 broken up into two periods -- from January to the end of June, and from July to the end of December. During the entire year, TWC processed around 12,000 government requests for user data

Out of those requests, 82 percent were subpoenas. Another 12 percent were the result of court orders, followed by 4 percent being search warrants, 2 percent being emergency requests, and 0.3 percent being for pen register, trap and trace orders, and wiretap orders.

Time Warner Cable Graph
Source: Time Warner Cable

Though this is TWC's first transparency report, it won't be the company's last.

"We will issue future Transparency Reports on a semi-annual basis. We have also provided answers to frequently asked questions related to the practices we follow to strengthen protections for the privacy of customer information," TWC said.


TWC said it's not permitted to disclose the exact number of National Security Orders that were issued to it, though the ISP is able to provide the aggregate number of those orders using a broad range, as permitted by the U.S. government's Notice of Declassification policy earlier this year. With that in mind, the number of National Security Orders in 2013 fell somewhere in between 0 and 249.