Tim Cook Says Apple Customers Don't Want iOS And macOS To Merge

Some combinations go well together like peanut butter and jelly or HotHardware.com and tech news and reviews. There seems to be no future however, for the unification of iOS and macOS. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently remarked that Apple customers do not want iOS and macOS to merge.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Tim Cook argued that a merger between iOS and macOS would be more convenient, but would lead to a decline in the overall quality. He remarked, “We don't believe in sort of watering down one for the other. Both [the Mac and iPad] are incredible. One of the reasons that both of them are incredible is because we pushed them to do what they do well. And if you begin to merge the two... you begin to make trade-offs and compromises.” He also stated that he does not believe that users would want some sort of union because the current system allows them to “...change the world or express their passion or express their creativity.”

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Cook’s clarification is in response to rumors that Apple is working on a project called “Marzipan”. This program would merge the codebase for iOS and macOS apps. According to Apple analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, “...software developers will be able to design a single application that works with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad...”

Marzipan rumors may still have a (sugar) grain of truth. Apps that can be run on iPads, iPhones, and Mac hardware would not necessarily require one single operating system. It is possible that Apple is still working on a program that would be more convenient for developers working to get their apps on all Apple devices.

Cook may believe that Apple customers do not want a unified OS now, but Apple has been known to change their tune. Steve Jobs remarked as late as 2010 that “if you see a stylus, they blew it.” Four years later Apple received a patent for their own stylus.

Apple’s lack of OS unification contrasts with Microsoft’s tactics. Microsoft has released various versions of Windows for different architectures, but overall many of its devices are able to function as both a laptop and tablet. Apple has not released a laptop with a touchscreen and it appears that it has no immediate plans to do so.