Taiwanese Animators Have Steve Jobs Rolling Over In His Grave After Latest Apple Launch

Last Wednesday was a big one for Apple thanks to its announcement of the latest iPhones, its next-gen Apple TV, as well as its much-anticipated iPad Pro. Overall, a good showing, but not one critics could keep silent about.

When Tim Cook unveiled the iPad Pro, it didn't take long for people to draw comparisons to Microsoft's Surface Pro - a product that's existed for a few years. In fact, some have called it a verbatim copy. Both have tablet-like displays, a soft add-on keyboard, and can be docked to look like a notebook.

Apple iPad Pro

But let's be honest: an iPad Pro was inevitable, and while it's so similar to the Surface Pro, it's just an expected evolution for Apple's product line. What was more surprising than the iPad Pro itself, though, was one of its add-ons: the Apple Pencil.

At a 2008 MacWorld event, Steve Jobs famously said: "If you see a stylus, they blew it." Granted, like any other company, Apple is allowed to change its mind, but that hasn't stopped memes a plenty from being created and harsh criticism being pointed towards the Cupertino firm.

Few reactions to the Apple Pencil are as hilarious as the below video from Taiwan Animators. In it, we see Steve Jobs rolling in his grave before bursting out, and ultimately trying to kill Tim Cook with larger-than-life Apple Pencils. In bad taste? Without question, but it's still worth a gander:

Ultimately, it's highly unlikely that Apple execs are ignorant of the irony with its Apple Pencil, or the iPad Pro itself. But once those babies fly off of the shelves, the joke will be on the rest of us.