Thermaltake XController, Razer Gaming Mouse and More

Good afternoon friends, NJ here with your weekend update.  Looking at the supply of news in my inbox, it seems some people have been swayed by the warm weather.  However, there are a few tasty articles for you to sink your teeth into.  So, go grab a cold drink and settle in for a while.  Here is your shot of juice...

 Thermaltake XController @ Controlled-Insanity Pc Mods

"The Xcontroller provides excellent control of the speeds at which air is brought into and exhausted from your case. The lighting scheme is a constant reminder as to how much case cooling you are currently getting from your fans. I highly recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for a simple way to shore up multiple fan speed control. For the price, and with the added speed indicated LED's, I feel this is a great product."

 Razer Viper Gaming Mouse Review @

"Whether you're gaming for hours, scrolling through internet web pages, or designing in Photoshop, this mouse is perfect in everyway. The only drawback that I could find is the fact that there are only three buttons, but to some people this is not an issue. The rubber coated, long buttons work great for any game or application and never let your finger slip. The scroll wheel with its rubber grip and stiff scroll makes it easy to change weapons without any mistakes in game. Rubber grip side rails makes slipping impossible, and the Teflon feet on the bottom glide over any mouse pad surface extremely well...The Razer Viper is easily one of the best gaming mice on the market."

 Thermaltake TWV 480 PSU @

"Today we take a look at a new innovative power supply from Thermaltake, their TWV 480 Power Supply. This 480 watt PSU comes with a front bezel that fits in a 5.25" slot that can display the amount of voltage that your computer is currently using."

 Scythe Kamikaze CPU Cooler V2 @

"Low noise is just as important as the being able to cool down your CPU. To find the middle ground or the sweet spot requires testing and a lot of trial and error. The Scythe Kamikaze attempts to blend those two goals together and hopefully emerge as a true solution to CPU cooling."

 COOLMAX 2.5" X-Treme FILES V1 Review @

"While we all should back up our data regularly, do we really practice what we preach? I don't think so. How about if it were easy? Well, how about 3 buttons, like Selective Backup, Total Backup, and Restore? That about sums the COOLMAX 2.5" X-Treme Files up for you. While there can be improvements made, as with any product, this one stands on it's own pretty well for being a 1st revision. Continue on to take a closer look with me!"

That is all I have friends.  Catch me back here in the AM :) - Cheers