Thermaltake Soprano Case, Samsung 193P 19'C LCD, and more!

Good evening ladies and gents. For you ATI card owners, Catalyst version 5.3 is out now, with OpenGL 2.0 support. They'll probably be performance benchmarks out in a few days or so, and we'll be sure to post them when we see them. Well, I'm out for now, good night all.

Thermaltake Soprano Mid-Tower Case @ SystemCooling

"Thermaltake is known for producing some very good computer cases. As of recently they have begun to expand their lineup once again with the release of the Tsunami Dream and the Shark cases. Today we'll be looking at another new case from Thermaltake, the Soprano. Will this case live up to the Thermaltake name? Let's find out."

BenQ DW1625 Internal DVD Writer with LightScribe @ hardwarezone

"Past attempts of etching permanent and professional looking designs on CDs were received with lukewarm response at best, but that hasn't discouraged BenQ from taking a stab in a similar technology called LightScribe. We gave their latest DW1625 a spin and here's our views."

Samsung 193P 19' LCD monitor review @ PCUnleash

"The display portion is less than one inch thick; this has to be one of the thinnest displays on the market. Compared to Samsung's 710N which we reviewed recently, this item is a vast improvement. The 710N was considerably thicker because it had a power supply built inside the monitor, whereas the 193P has an external power supply."

1GB Wintec Amp-X DDR2 PC5400 Review @ OCModShop

"This memory was basically on par with Corsair with all of the benchmarking. In most cases the Corsair memory was a little higher, however the difference was extremely minor. When it comes to overclocking this memory faired quite well, especially since the tRAS latency was a step below Corsair at stock speeds."

SkyHawk PowerONE 570W Power Supply @ Legit Reviews

"When the SkyHawk PowerONE is powered up the LED's inside the case light up giving the clear fans a nice subtle blue color. One of the other features that the PowerONE came with is a third 12v rail and Audio Standby..."