Thermaltake PSU, CES 2005 Coverage and Others

Good morning all :)  Sorry about the later update, yours truly is feeling really under the weather today.  So, I don't mean to be rude, but we are going to get things started so I can get some rest.  Here is your AM update...

 Thermaltake PurePower 680W Power Supply @ Bjorn3D

"After you stop drooling at the thought of having dual video cards in an SLI setup, you come to realize some practical concerns. Cost is the most obvious one. Most of us struggle to pay $450 for one video card, but spending $900 to $1,000 on two is just ludicrous to many people. Beyond the cost though are other important concerns, like power requirements. More and more power supplies are including the new 6-pin PCI Express power connector, but I have only seen a couple that offer two such connectors. I happen to have one of them for review today -- the Thermaltake 680W Silent PurePower power supply (W0049)."

 CES 2005 Coverage @ VR-Zone Hardware

"The first Consumer Electronics Show was held in June of 1976. Since then, the show has grown more than seven-fold. Many landmark products and technologies have been debuted at CES. Technologies like; CD, DVD, HDTV and Blu-Ray DVD were unveiled at CES.Sprawling across the many halls and buildings of the Las Vegas Convention Center and beyond; were exhibitors from over 2500 companies and over 100 countries"

 SimHQ Feature: 2004 in Review

"Fact is, in a gaming environment proliferated with a near obsession of grabbing the last visual effect from $300-500 video cards, many of us spent the year playing sims that have been available for quite a while and have been regenerated with terrific mods and add-on developments. Many of these mods would rival the quality a major developer could provide. So above all else, 2004 was "another" year of the mod and add-ons."

 Triple nVidia 6600GT Shoot-out review @ HardwareZoom

"At first glance, the green Leadtek PCB with aluminium heatsink does not look very attractive. This card is based on reference design too. Unlike Gigabyte that uses copper heatsink fan, Leadtek uses aluminium heatsink with a slightly bigger fan. The memory chips are not cooled by the heatsink, and the small rectangular heatsink below lies the HSI chip"