Thermaltake HardCano 13, ASYS P5GD2 Premium, and many more!

Hello everyone, and good afternoon. The mailbox is overflowing with news, so I'll make this post a little bigger than normal. Wait no longer, because here it is...

Intel 915P Shootout : ASUS P5GD2 Premium @ hardwarezone

"ASUS goes postal by slapping on almost every feature imaginable on the P5GD2 Premium motherboard. If you think you need three seperate RAID arrays, 14 hard disks, wired and wireless networking, the P5GD2 Premium is your baby."

Thermaltake HardCano 13 @ Phoronix

"Thermaltake is most notably known for their conspicuous heatsinks and power supplies, but up on our workbench today we are trying the multi-functional HardCano 13. Will its 6-in-1 card reader and 8-color LCD monitor warrant an upgrade over previous HardCano models?"

SLI TCQ problem, CPU for HL2 surveyed @ The Inquirer

"In other news, Chris Tom of AMDZone reports that the nForce 4 SLI apparently has some data corruption issues involving TCQ. Whether this is a chipset problem rather than a driver one remains to be seem."

ATi Radeon X800 Pro Review @ OCModShop

"Adjacent to the purple connector is a yellow connector which is an analog video-in connector. This is so you can run a cable from the video card to an analog video capture port on the front of your case if you have one."

Introduction to Haskell @

"Functional programming is fundamentally a very different way of thinking about programming. After all, we can learn several languages and pat ourselves on the back, but if the only real difference is syntactic, then we're not really being challenged."

ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE i925XE Motherboard @

"This is the most overclockable Intel P4 board that money can buy to date. Finally, here's an extreme board that can go the distance as long as you have the right components to go with it. We've never seen any board that can overclock like this out of the box and with such ease"